Understanding The Skin Barrier & How To Look After Your Skin Barrier

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Restoring & supporting the skin barrier system is the first step towards healthy functioning skin!

The skin barrier system (stratum corneum) is the outta most layer of the skin, it is made up of corneocytes, lipid bilayers and the acid mantle.

Think of a brick wall (stratum corneum), corneocytes (bricks) & the mortar between the bricks (lipid bilayers).

This is our first line of defense against pathogens and external environmental influences such as UV & free radicals caused by pollution and prevents them from entering the body through the skin.

When the skin barrier is impaired it can bring on & heighten water loss (dehydration), acne, rosacea, atopic dermatitis & other various inflammatory conditions, chronic dry skin and even increase risk of skin cancer.

So how do you restore & support the skin barrier?

We need products that restore the 3 main lipids, cholesterol, ceremides & long chain fatty acids these make up the lipid bilayers (remember the mortar between the bricks).

Products need to contain ALL 3 lipids to get results.

We also need to restore the acid mantle to an acidic Ph by avoiding products that contain mineral oils, emulsifiers, petroleum based products, preservatives, fragrances & amines. This will turn off inflammatory response, allow the permeability to start rebuilding and improve the antimicrobial defenses, decreasing the penetration of allergens & pathogens.

The use of harsh & incorrect modalities & incorrect product formulations will remove the skins natural defense barrier.