SKIN NEEDLING (CIT Collagen Induction Therapy)

Full Face $199

Face & Neck $250

Face, Neck & Décolletage $350 

*All prices includes a follow up enzyme treatment & LED Light therapy approx. 5 days after treatment


Collagen Induction Therapy treatments reprogram the function of your skin to create healthier, firmer and more refined skin.

Skin needling provides in many cases equal to or better results than many other more invasive and expensive skincare treatments and it respects & maintains the integrity of the skin by not ablating the skins barrier, it creates micro injuries which close up in 5 minutes.

It is a quick & easy technique with little downtime. No numbing cream is used for the best results and it does not produce any heat like other beauty treatments which means it is suitable for all skin types with less risk of hyper-pigmentation. All CIT clients must have a consultation or facial prior to booking in for a skin needling treatment.



  • Minimising fine lines (particularly lines around the lip and eye area).
  • Reducing pore size and improving your skin’s texture.
  • Increasing your skin’s natural collagen formation.
  • Reducing scars such as acne scarring.
  • Diminishing stretch marks.
  • Strengthening your epidermal skin barrier.
  • Improving cellular communication and therefore assisting your skin to operate at optimal efficiency.
  • Reducing pigmentation
  • Assisting sluggish skin that is slow to heal


MTS HOME ROLLING $135 includes 30min how to use demonstration & take home cleaning kit

Using a MTS roller at home enables you to support your clinical skin needling treatments for even more effective facial rejuvenation. They aid in product absorption (studies have proven over 1,000 times better skin care product absorption when using a MTS home roller) and also stimulate the epidermis.



Whilst everyone’s tolerance for pain is different, in essence, no! This is not what you might imagine when you read about needles piercing the skins surface at a high speed!
The precision of the derma CIT pen means that your treatments are comfortable plus your skin treatment therapist can adjust the depth of the treatment to further support your comfort and of course ensure best results at all times.


Absolutely not. Collagen Induction Therapy creates deliberate, controlled trauma stimulating the natural physiological healing process. The medical grade stainless steel needles operate at a highly effective speed to enable the device operator to trigger a protective healing response. The tiny micro-channels close within minutes and your skins protective upper layers remain uncompromised.
Our derma CIT skin treatment therapists all undertake mandatory specialist training and education to ensure safe and effective treatment application using our derma CIT pen. You will also be given education by your therapist ensuring you understand how you are to correctly use and sterilise your MTS-Roller at home.


Your skin treatment therapist will assess your skin and recommend a suitable treatment plan for you as no two skins are alike. The number of treatments will also be determined by the condition you are being treated for and the health of your skin.
Each person’s skin conditions are different and require differing levels of treatment. Your skin treatment therapist will determine the number of treatments to undergo. The number of treatments will be determined by your skin condition, skin goals (i.e. minimise fine lines) and also by the health of your skin, making it important to prepare your skin prior to your first derma CIT treatment.


Following recommended protocols, 3 to 5 treatments, every 6-8 weeks are performed to achieve optimal outcomes. You will then be given a maintenance plan to sustain your results.